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Bluehole Inc.

Our Philosophy

Let’s shape the future of gaming industry together!

Because the gaming industry is a hit-driven market with a lot of uncertainty, to mitigate the risks of game development,
many companies and publishers are only following proven formulas instead of seeking out innovation,
which in turn diminishes consumer choice. 
But no-one can tell at a glance which games will be commercially successful,
so our goal is to invest in development teams, rather than just a single project.

 At Bluehole, we hold that teams with solid leadership, strong teamwork, efficient technological infrastructures,
and undeniable passion are essential to making exciting games.
From our own experience, we know that masterpiece games are born through patience and persistence,
and we want to work with teams who are not afraid of failures, can learn from their missteps,
and who truly enjoy playing the games they build and watching them grow.

 That’s why Bluehole’s mission is to create great games that connect players through innovative and exciting gameplay experiences, even if it means taking risks.
We are not doing this because we are idealists who want to paint the world in soft colors,
but because following our heart and trying to develop games we wanted to play was the only way we could deliver titles like PUBG and TERA to the world.

 If you think your team shares our vision of the videogame industry,
and are tenacious enough to try over and over till you deliver a game that gamers will love to play,
please contact Bluehole’s investment and partnership team.

  • GAMEGame
  • Beau HS Kim
  • 031-698-3311
  • Bluehole, Smilegate Campus 7F, 344, Pangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
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