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Since the establishment of anition studio 'KIMO' in 1997, Macaron has accumulated a lot of producion experience through TV advertsements with KBS, MBC, SBS, EBS broadcating animation and Samsung Electronic/Maritz fire/SK Telecom.
In addition based on this, We have established a competitive business system through a digital process model which is developed exclusively by Macaron.
We're trying to expand its possibilities as a company with infinite potential through chacater business such as a spherical joint doll.
MACARON is a character animation specialty sxhibition that deals with with the entire business from planning and production of characters and animation.
  • ANIMATIONAnimation CHARACTERCharacter
  • moon jea dae
  • 032-612-4371
  • 83-1, Sinheung-ro, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
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