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Character Factory MANGCHI

Character Factory MANGCHI

character factory MANGCHI is a company of character design, character licensing, character products selling. we have brands of Alien PPIO, Cheer up PPUO PPUO, and A.I robot DUBI and DUBA, red blood, boksung, black gomdung. Alien PPIO had began with webcartoon, and then have been made for mobile contents(LINE, BAND app stickers) and figure, paper toys, etc. we have some animation projects (Alien PPIO, a.i robot dubi and duba,red blood)

  • CHARACTERCharacter ETCEtc
  • Lee Sang Bae
  • 032-651-5069
  • 331-14, Songnae-dong, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
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