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NEOTANY to interpret the world as a window of new and fun contents
Global content TRENDER NEOTANY that always communicates with the world through the window of new and fun contents

We are specialized in planning and producing funny and practical digital contents such as Petit Dragoon and Monkey Factory, and spreading happiness viruses to each family through various platforms and channels Attracting overseas co-productions, global distribution and publishing.
NeoTany core employees, who have accumulated abundant overseas market and trend scale experience, have the field know-how that has been widely experienced in Europe, planning and marketing, which is one of the major contents markets. I have a key. Therefore, we have been targeting the market in various formats targeting the preemption market for animated licensing utilizing the existing Neotani business network lineup
  • ANIMATIONAnimation
  • Jeremy Choi
  • 010-4606-8494
  • 30, Namdong-daero 215beon-gil, Namdong-gu, Incheon, Korea
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