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Rockin'KOREA Co., Ltd.

Rockin’ KOREA Entertainment was founded in 1999. It published ‘Rockin’ JAPAN’, the first monthly magazine of Japanese music in Korea. This magazine conveyed detailed information of Japanese music, which had not been well informed in Korea. With this experience, Rockin’ KOREA aims at being total entertainment company with domestic and foreign culture exchange. 
Rockin’ KOREA mainly consists of two major departments; comics department and music department. First, in Rockin’ KOREA Comics department, management of 70 domestic comic writers, books circulation, copyright management and foreign license business are going on. In addition, Rockin’ KOREA is planning to open a new way in On-line market of comics, publishing the romantic comic web magazine ‘ArRi’ in 2007. Secondly, in Rockin’ KOREA Music department, album production, management & planning of concert/events and domestic/foreign agency business are going on. Album production of domestic artists of Rockin’ KOREA Entertainment and management of domestic concerts of foreign artists are in the process.
Rockin’ KOREA is a future-oriented company. Rockin’ KOREA has passionate staffs and active artists. Rockin’ KOREA is expanding its activities more globally with the cooperation with Japan, China, and the U.S.A., in the domestic market as well. With these efforts for globalizing of domestic cultural contents, Rockin’ KOREA will jump up to ‘a company of production and management of cultural contents’.
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  • 02-324-5148
  • F6, 144, Donggyo-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
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