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- Magnetic Changeable Fashion Jewelry company - baceret, anklet, ring, earrings, necklace, charms
- 3 concept: Vintage jewel, Trendy, Kitsch of 360 style charms design
- Base Jewelry of 9 types

“What if we created an accessory from safe materials that allowed us to alter the pendant how we like according to our mood?”

DALRING :Pulling one another together – the key idea of magnets. Pulling together the person and the product, expressing a lovable nickname, and double meaning expressing 'RING’

Philosophy :The design you want + Safe and solid durability + A satisfactory price Darling4U: Made just for you.

Dalring4U is a unique brand concept that combines the circular Signity holders with attractive charms using magnets. The charms are produced with powerful neodymium magnets, allowing them to hold fast and safely to the spot you fasten them. Anybody can put this accessory to use in a fun way and show off their individuality.

1. Fun anytime, anywhere! This is a fun and practical accessory that can be changed easily at any time to fit your mood and current situation.
2. A trendy charm design All of the charms in Dalring4U are manufactured in a limited number according to season and theme, thus adding a touch of distinction.
3. 1 Charm, 5 Effects The Dalring4U can be used in place of a bracelet, anklet, ring, earring, or necklace, allowing the wearer to make economical use of it according to season and item.
4. An attractive charm with a theme and concept This item can be used in place of a bracelet, anklet, ring, earring, or necklace. Bring out an appeal of your very own by blending together the [vintage jewelry charm]; perfect for parties, the crisp [desert charm]; and the [gemstone charm], of which only one exists,.
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  • F11, Building CRC, 234, Sinheung-ro, Uijeongbu-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
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