In a time when new emotional values and creative concepts are needed, Sweet Monster is a sweet and happy messenger that entertains the world!

When filled with so much stress, suffering, and sadness, our bodies and brains are chemically and psychologically need sweetness.

You can be comforted like a little sweet and be happy and run for a better tomorrow.

A little comfort to modern people, full of excessive work, intense competition, and anxiety about the future. I can give you sweet presence!

Sweet Monster. Sweet monsters living in the Sweet Town, located in the heart of the city, a sweet gift that comforts you and makes you happy.

If you are tired, come to Sweet Monster Town now!

<Korea’s first business model to combine character and dessert franchise>

On-going OSMU business in character licensing, multimedia contents and dessert store.

-30+ licensees licensing & collaboration

-300+ SKU

-10-20 age group target

-4 global mobile games

-Character concept store, 4 countries, 30 stores