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This webtoon’s story is about confused feelings such as hatred and pleasure felt by Ra Yurak, a famous general who become the sex slave of a person who destroyed his country, Yang Sa-ae. How he will deal with this all will be a story plot that is developed very interestingly and makes the reader not bored

Love Destruction

-Genre: Adult / Drama
-Writer (Original Story): Minye Hyun / Webtoon Author: Hami
-Format: Webtoon
-Cuts qty: 60~70 cuts / Chapter

-Synopsis: Ra Yurak was a famous general in the Hyemun Empire. However, when Hyemun was destroyed by the Ha-Seol Empire on the orders of the Emperor Hanumi, he was made a sex slave by Yang Sa-ae who was the number one contributor in Hyemun's conquest. Ra Yurak, who disregards and hates women, cannot accept his slavery at first. However, along with time, he feels pleasure from the violent sexual training that he got from Yang Sa-ae. The more time he spends with her, the more his body, as well as his mind, begins to shake. He began to have deep feelings for Yang Sa-ae and began to be unable to understand his own heart feeling.