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    All Ages


Magic Man brings together friends from all over the world to introduce a new magic board game. Units that look just like themselves and their friends fall in love with the game of moving on the magic board, and with the game, there's a big commotion.

Various CartoonNetwork IP characters inside this game


Cartoon Network Arena All Stars (CN Arena All Stars) is a real-time multiplayer game starring Cartoon Network characters, your favourite iconic animations. Collect and upgrade dozens of cards featuring the Cartoon Network characters, spells and defenses you know and love, as well as the heroes : Finn, Jake, Ben, Steven and more. Knock the enemy Crystal from its towers to defeat your opponents and win Trophies, Tiles and glory in the Arena.


PVP battle aiming to destroy other user’s castle by collecting / strengthening cards using CN IP and organizing decks strategically


Unlike previous defense games that only destroys castle, this also uses a tile system to reinforce strategic aspects and minimize draws.

Also, currently developing unique game modes susc as [Wincard Mode], [Raid Mode],[Gold-rush Mode], [1vs1 Mode] etc.

We are preparing ‘Reboot Version’ with European launch in next January.

Participation & Award

MWU in korea
India Gaming Show

Google Indie festival TOP10
Play-X4 2018 BTC
Character Licensing Fare
MIK Final winner
Mobile Star Festival Best Prize
G-rank Award Challange Seoul Prize
Tech Crunch 2018
Syngapore Strategy Operation Semianr 
Silicon valley Roadshow 
Sanghai CII Showcase
Malaysia Kualalunpur Roadshow
OGN(On Game Net) Gaming Entertaintment show broadcasting

MWU Best esset
Play-X 4 BTC
K-Contents EXPO Bangkok, Jakarta, Dubai
Tech Crunch
Web Summit

over 2M Download

2018~2019 : 15countries serviced
2020           : over 160 countries launch