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Company Name 주식회사 도넛피치

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  • CARTOON Cartoon/Webtoon
  • Platform
  • Genre
  • Stage
  • Production Year
  • Run-time
    Season1/ 80 episodes
  • Target
    Core target : Female


Romance, Fantasy

Intention to planning

Added mythological imagination to traditional fairy tales. By incorporating Korean myths into the familiar folk tale "A brother and sister who became the sun and the moon," we illuminated the relatively unfamiliar Korean myths and gods and imagined the later stories of folk tales with a modern perspective.

Log Line

Gong Hwi-young, who fell into the underworld due to an accident.

I can never die like this for my brother who is left alone!

Hwi Young, who eventually refused to die and became a fugitive, unintentionally fell into heaven!

Meanwhile, the unexpected news, the vacancy of the Holy God, If on the spot climb, can go back to the ground?! 

recklessness god of sun "Ran"

god of moon "Yeon" who don't know if they're enemies or allies.

Besides that, are countless heavenly gods.

Gong Hwi Young's important action!

to escape from the heaven!