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The creative traditional Korean music group Donghwa was formed in 2011 to communicate with the world through music. based on pure sensitivity, the group offers to everyone a moment of warmth and comfort through diverse songs transcending genres and music works with stories (music theatre and concert).

Rigoletto the Clown

Verdi Opera is reborn as Sori Opera’s exhibition <Gwangdaega Regoletto>
The sad story of a clown who killed his daughter while trying to get revenge on a nobleman, Verdi’s best masterpiece opera Rigoletto meets traditional performance.
It is a performance where you can enjoy traditional sounds such as pansori, samurai, and jeongga expressed in modern style by borrowing the opera plot.

Tree child

The first journey of a built-in tree, abandoned from the world, and a lonely tree leader set sail in search of a new world
It is a music play that meets the eye level of children and adults at the same time, and experiences and sympathizes with the story of the growth adventure of the protagonist ‘Tree Doryeong’ based on Korean folklore. It is composed of simple and easy language for children, and adds live performances and movements of actor musicians to broaden their imagination.