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  • MotungiKnittingCafe
  • MotungiKnittingCafe


  • GAME Game
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  • Production Year
  • Run-time
    3~4 days
  • Target
    Story preferred fema


Motungi Ddegeabang is a healing game aimed at home cafes who pursue “Relax mind” and “Self-satisfaction” while making dolls that support someone's exhausting.

Most of the existing story games were simply pressing the selection button.

And existing IP games were all about putting an IP shell on the popular genre.


Unicorn's “Motungi Ddegeabang” is different from previous games. It was developed to bring out the charm of the original IP.


In order to create the same image as the original IP, the game’s props, sounds, and animations have been created with a sense of unity with IP.

Also, the excitement point is the attractive characters of the original IP are implemented as much as possible. Besides, the appearance of new characters will excite fans.


The key point of Motungi Ddegeabang is to enjoy various contents while operating the teahouse of the original IP.

Not just making tea, coffee, and interior. We worked on a circulation structure of the content that grows tea, makes dolls, and spends adventures getting new types of tea.


Like the mission of UnicON.


Motungi Ddegeabang is not a simple story game. It was born as a game optimized for experiencing the story and enjoying the IP.

2020.06 (Motungi Ddegeabang) National support for cartoon company

2020 10 ver. alpa in progress

2020.12 ver. open-beta