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A Brand-new Dice Game! Finally, a dice game with a whole new concept! A thrilling showdown starts right here in BATTLE DICE!

◼︎ Simple Gameplay
On each turn, play your cards & throw your dice to attack your opponent!
It is that simple. No more explanation needed!

◼︎ Unpredictable Match!
Depending on the number of dice & cards played, your heroes and weapons' skill activates. You need strategy, but you also need luck to win.
Don't give up in advance, because you never know who will prevail!

◼︎ Playing Cards (*Updated July 2021)
Play your cards right, and your victory might be closer to your hands!
More than 160 cards with special battle-altering abilities are added for your strategic gameplay. Choose them wisely or you could be outplayed by your opponent!

◼︎ Various & Powerful Heroes!
Collect and upgrade heroes, each with their own skills. Choose from 20 different heroes that best matches your strategy.

◼︎ Unique Weapons System
Are you willing to aim big? Or do you believe in small punches?
Command the battlefield that suits your style of play.

◼︎ Fun with Endless Combinations
The taste of the game changes depending on the combination of the heroes, weapons, and cards. Unexpected fun starts right here, at the touch of your finger!