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Character Colletion RPG

▶Main background
The era of chaos has begun again!

A monster appearing from the sacred lake, an unprecedented earthquake and attack by Atra. Ominous events that occur one after another on the continent of Mir Guard. All of them approached one event... The Demon King, who was recorded to have died a long time ago, was resurrected?

The lord of the peaceful village of Mortburn is dead! Two people who are accused of killing the lord and are expelled from the village. Bin, who wants to find her lost memories, and Nina, who wants to take over the store her mother inherited. The story begins at Ninas Erand, a so-called errand center that listens to anything!

▶Solid erand system
Errand is running an errand
The title, 'Errand', means errands, and it also refers to the process of mercenaries performing their missions.
You can enjoy Erland Saga with various quests and events.

▶ Friends
Acquire goods necessary to supply and demand characters by forming friendships
Complement my strategy through the formation of friends!

▶ Characters of the Erland Saga
Erandsaga characters are bust-up animations, so you can enjoy various poses.