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combines elements that shows the traditional beauty of Korea with a smartphone-friendly puzzle


A story of Lynn, a girl who was transported into an oriental painting, meets the legendary fox with nine tails. The story of a world inside a fairy tale, with a concept of an original fairy tale.

Takes place in a long time ago in a faraway land, when the monsters and ghosts were often seen by humans.

The two plots of the diary of the nine-tailed fox and the girl who is trying to meet the fox unfold at the same time and gradually lead to one plot.


Concept of picture matching puzzle we all enjoyed in our childhood

Applied the concept of picture matching sliding puzzle that children often play

- A sliding puzzle game where you move the pieces with your fingers

- Applied sliding touch designed for smartphones


Easy move, difficult thinking

A new type of puzzle rules that controls the room, not the characters

Simple rules as it only need a simple control

Still requires a lot of thinking and calculating in order to solve the puzzle


The story of “Lynn, a Girl Drawn in the Puzzle” is created to provide a puzzle method designed for smartphones.

The game has a new rule of moving the characters by moving the rooms, and the graphic and art provide a fun element that is visually different with the story of a character who came inside the oriental painting.

This game will release at 2020 years

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