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Teenie Scouts : Big Five

  • Teenie Scouts : Big Five
  • Teenie Scouts : Big Five
  • Teenie Scouts : Big Five


  • ANIMATION Animation
  • Platform
  • Genre
  • Stage
  • Production Year
  • Run-time
    11m x 52ep
  • Target
    4~6 years old


Kids Cafe that children disappered turns into a world of toys! Interesting adventure and friendship story made by living toys

"The world of living toys."

When people leave and the lights go out at the kids' cafe, time begins for the living toys.

'Pat', 'Teg', 'Billy' is a Car Toy that  turn into a robot, 'Block' turn into a helicopter.
and 'Ann' is a rabbit doll that can repairs everyone.
Sometimes, Toys occur big deal because they quarrel each other or get broken. They have come together under the name of "Big Five" to solve this problem.

"Big Five" is here again today for toys that need help!

September 2015 Season 1 Broadcast : KBS 1TV
September 2016 Season 2 Broadcast : KBS 1TV
July, 2019  Season 1 Broadcast : KBS 2TV

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