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The Curious world of Linda

  • The Curious world of Linda
  • The Curious world of Linda


  • ANIMATION Animation
  • Platform
  • Genre
  • Stage
  • Production Year
  • Run-time
    7m x 78ep
  • Target
    3~5 years old


Linda is a curious little girl with big imaginations. She uses ordinary things and her imagination to transform into anything!

"The amazing Linda goes on adventures to make others happy as she finds happiness through making others happy."

'Linda' lives in the Curiosity shop in her town, and as a curious girl,
she uses her imagination to embark on wild adventures as she wants to see and explore everything in the world.

But 'Linda' has a big secret.
Her imagination allows her to transform into anything she desires!
Each episode shows 'Linda' transforming into something different and taking on a new adventure with her best friend, Louie.
She uses her big imagination to help others, and makes her a hero.

Everyone knows 'Linda' because, at some point in time, she has helped you out of a pickle!
Join 'Linda' and imagine your way into an amazing adventure.