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C-WATER Hands care solution

  • C-WATER Hands care solution


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C-Water is a new type of sterilization system to protect your loved ones from germs (bacteria).

1. Incomparably NO.1 sterilization technology

Developed through high-efficiency electrolysis module,the disinfection water enables 99.9% disinfection and deodorization in just 10 seconds. 

2. Reliable disinfection water, proven by certified safety 

Abiding appropriate level of 200PPM stipulated by KFDA, C-water disinfection water is safe. C-WATER Hands is under 10ppm and 7.0~8.5ph. Also Passing testing for skin irritation / eye irritation / single dose oral toxicity, it is safe to use, leaving no irritation on skin, eyes and mouth.

3. New system never seen before 

In order to prevent transmissions of infectious diseases through contact, we are the world’s first to adopt non-contact close sensor system. C-WATER HANDS is an all-in-one type, with its main unit equipped with electrode, it does not require additional installation of electrode module box. 

4. Outstanding technology 

C-WATER HANDS can be used sustainably with 5 large-scale electrolysis module electrodes. And highly durable DSE electrode materials that fit C-water disinfection water have been developed and applied.

5. Eco-friendly system 

C-WATER HANDS  utilizes CEBIEN’s high efficiency electrolysis module to generate 99.9% disinfection water capable of sterilization and deodorization only with tap water, not requiring additives including sterilizer, salt, hydrochloric acid, etc.