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Battle story of SF background with 'Thanatos' and 'Pagan' for freedom

We are the number one multiplayer mobile virtual reality game developer in Korea based on store sales.

Mobile Environment (include integrated HMD) Multiplayer virtual reality real-time FPS game 'Colonicle' is a high quality game that combines high SW technology and design.

'Colonicle' service features
1. Simultaneous access to up to 8 people and real-time FPS match on Galaxy S8-level smartphones or integrated HMDs (Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, etc.)
2. Currently Supported Platforms - Google, Oculus, Mi VR
3. Various HMD support and cross-matching support including cardboard VR, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, so customers don't need to know which device to buy
4. The mobile environment is completely wireless and there is no burden for installation such as external sensor and HMD PC connection installation.
5. Price entry barrier is very low because it operates with cheap HMD between $1 and $30 like cardboard VR.
6. In-app payment business model adoption and sales weapons, characters, UI themes, skins are all ready

'Colonicle' game features
1. VR FPS game that enables team battles from one vs one to four vs four
2. Various missions such as 'Death match' and 'Take area match'
3. Provide strategic maps like space depot, sector 6
4. Produce strategic situation by providing 10 different weapons
5. Enables smooth communication between players by providing voice chat function (aka team-voice)
6. Quick match, custom match, Ai bot match(single player mode) support
7. Observation mode support for VR E-Sports and online media streaming
8. 360-degree location-based sound design supports realistic location-based sound
9. High Quality Cinematic Video - for game story

'Colonicle' business model strengths
1. The mobile in-app payment system is a payment system that many gamers are already familiar with and less resistance to payment system.
2. Various weapons (available as in-game money), characters (Cash only), skins (Cash only), UI themes (Cash only) goods in a variety of product groups at a level that does not destroy the game balance
3. Easy to apply publishing model from existing mobile game publishers (same mobile category)
4. Easy to get industrial leadership by opening up new markets

Support for platforms requested by publishers
1. PlayStationVR - License Acquisition Process In Progress
2. Appstore - Applicable if requested after contract
3. Steam - expected to apply on 2020.

2017.04. World's First 6-Person Concurrent Mobile Virtual Reality FPS Game Open Market

2017.07. Smart venture campus accellorating program (Best in grade)

2017.10. Attracted angel investment

2018.03. Attracted angel investment

2018.10. Signed contract with LG U + to supply virtual reality contents, contracted with Xiao-Mi to supply virtual reality contents

2018.11. Signed a contract with Xiao-Mi for bundling 'Colonicle' bundle

2019.05. Signed a MOU with PNI company for sales ‘Colonicle’ with Alleg simulator

2019.07. Signed a contract with Goboogie games for publishing ‘Colonicle’ to North America

2019.11. Signed a MOU with Surgagame for publishing ‘Colonicle’ to South East Asia