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  • abyssrium world
  • abyssrium world


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In the latest work, Abyssium World, you can meet the beautifully expanding underwater ecosystem. Expand the surrounding areas with various characteristics with pastel color and wide horizontal screen. You can create your own fantastic sea by using not only corals and seaweeds, but also special decorations.

◆Meet various sea creatures◆
Create a clean sea where fish can live by managing air bubbles and communities that provide cleanliness.
If you make your sea a beautiful and clean place, a variety of fish friends will come to play.
Just by looking at them, your lovely fish friends will find valuable items through exploration.

◆Let's get together with friends through SNS◆
Register your friends in the game and go to the underwater world of your friends.
You can easily share your underwater world with your friends.

◆You can heal just by looking and listening
Don't miss out on the little pleasure of enjoying the beautiful ocean you've decorated and the fish friends you've come to in digital frame mode.
The quiet and calm background music in the game will help you relax and sleep as much as any ASMR.

Abyssium World, a peaceful underwater world with no competition and no stress!
Complete your own wonderful space filled with pretty corals and many sea creatures!
So, are you ready for a fantastic sea trip right now?

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We will do our best to respond to your valuable opinions.