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Happy Babies, Comi and Bebe

  • Happy Babies, Comi and Bebe
  • Happy Babies, Comi and Bebe
  • Happy Babies, Comi and Bebe


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CGI animation with songs and stories

Happy babies, COMI AND BEBE

The story is about a 5 year old kids who live next door in RAINBOW village . They grow up day by day by meet family, kindergarten friends, neighborhoods. And they learn a lot about family love, friendship, and nature through various events.

‘Happy Babies, Comi  and  Bebe’ is a family-based story where moms, dads, and children live together.

The show is a gentle and kind animation like a classic fairy tale. The concept of “living fairy tales book” consists of beautiful contents and music.

The story is not only about friendship but about relationship with villagers , adults around  babies.

Every 52 episodes are 6 min. 36 out of 52 are story and 16 are music video made by world famous nursery rhymes and newly composed music for children.

Genre        Family / CGI animation

Target       Pre-school

Run time  52eps x 5.5min ( 36eps story 16 eps song)

Theme       Family Love , Relationship with Villagers

Co-production with EBS , Lion Forge ( USA)

Supported by KOCCA 

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