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Collaboration of movies and related products

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind(Mold people) & sheet mask pack

Cosmetics brands and marketing are so vast that they are quickly forgotten.

Among them, ingenious planning and ideas were needed, and cosmetics marketing was planned through film content and fun.

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind & Cosmetics

New competitiveness, in the story!

In modern times, the quality of goods has been upgraded. This means that most products are functionally good, so there is not much difference in quality. What is the most powerful variable that determines a brand's vitality?

The most important thing is whether the brand has a special story. The good stories the brand has are more powerful and more vital than direct advertising. The secret of being more chosen by people among products with similar functions is a story.

Korea doesn't have its own centuries-old flavoring technique like France and Italy. Why isn't there a proper scent art in 5,000 years of history? Because there is no tradition of fragrance, it is difficult to make high quality products, so there is a limit to making high quality products to commercialize them. The movie “<Close Encounters Of The Third Kind> is being planned to create a Korean fragrance for the new world by capturing only beautiful places like oil paintings. I would like to combine movie contents with products that have the original power and beauty to give to the world.

In addition to the image of the strange world's fantastic scenery in the movie, we are planning to make Korean cosmetics with its own scent. For example, the filming part of Korea tells the story of the Silla Dynasty, which has the effect of creating Korea's own scent and naturally globalizing it. To spread business marketing through storytelling to give great value.

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind(Shadow) & dress suitcase

I will incorporate the shadow items from the movie into the dress bag and add the patented technology to keep the dress hook on the hanger from flowing down. It is a technology that has never been seen in the market and a dress bag suitable for high-end clothing such as silk dress. Dress bags are not particularly developed yet, but we are planning to grow into a unique EUNHUBOAZ brand in Korea by using various technologies.