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This is a game that coordinates korean idols.

Decorate your own detailed and edgy character!
From Hallyu stars to webtoons, manga, and anime characters!

(#Brother #Sister #Boy Group #Girl Group #Change of clothes #Clothes #Webtoon characters)

■ Various items are available!
Using a total of 16 items such as eyes / eyebrows / hair / tops / bottoms
Decorate your own idol! Sharing and bragging is essential!

■ Now the group is popular!
Make your own idol into a boy group!
The screen is full of my own characters!!

■ If you don't have a star you like, try decorating yourself!
The style I couldn't normally do to my liking! Change your clothes right now!

■ Decorate characters such as webtoons, animations, and games! If you have a costume item you want, feel free to ask for it! The customer center is always open!