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self-charging intelligent starting battery

  • self-charging intelligent starting battery
  • self-charging intelligent starting battery


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Self-charge starting battery that can fully respond to emergency situations caused by discharge

Since its foundation in 2016, Bisonier has accumulated know-how by researching more innovative and convenient technologies.

Based on this, we strive to deliver fast and complete services.

Protect your customers' time and economic value by providing an integrated solution that quickly, accurately and securely resolves vehicle discharge with innovative power control systems and unique technology in energy storage (ESS).

The intelligent battery of Bisonier has secured the technology and reliability of the product through the national technology development project, and is the first self-charged hybrid battery to be able to respond immediately to emergency situations of battery discharge with easy control through the app.

It can be applied to various starting engines such as heavy equipment and ships as well as vehicles.

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