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White noise concentration improvement study earplugs

  • White noise concentration improvement study earplugs
  • White noise concentration improvement study earplugs


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There are already many places that provide spaces using white noise to improve concentration. However, there aren't many items for those who need an environment where they can study anywhere. Our concentration earplugs study egg provides smart earplugs and white noise solutions that can provide the best environment for such people.

People of all ages choose a variety of study methods, such as buying books or teaching online. We also pay a lot of attention to creating an environment for concentration. However, even if you create an environment, you cannot completely stop the noise around you. Various noises can interfere with your concentration, and it is difficult to conduct effective study due to decreased concentration. Our study egg creates a study environment through its own white noise solution, and provides a study earplug and white noise solution that blocks the surrounding noise by raising only the necessary sound to listen to lectures intensively.