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Personally-Produced Digital Musician Entertainment Platform for Blockchain-linked metaverse

○ AIMFLE protects the values and economic activities of musicians in the era of large-scale digital transformation 
with non-replaceable tokens (NFTs), so that the value of music activities in the real and virtual worlds such as digital
musicians' sound sources, videos, and non-face-to-face concerts can be safely traded.
It provides a blockchain-based metahuman ecosystem that can be enjoyed.

(1) Possessable Virtual Personality

Aimple is a concept of a personal digital twin that is free from physical conditions, 
is productive, and can possess and experience (Possession & Experience). It is formulated through influence.

(2) Protection of the Artifacts of Virtual Personality and Support for Activities

We support global music release, marketing video transmission, and production and management 
of non-face-to-face concert tours.
<Global sound source release>

Show yourself through attractive music even if you are not an expert through the release of an artificial intelligence
sound source that participates in the digital artist who has learned your voice and breath.
<Marketing :: Video, press release, fan meeting streaming>

Participate in various marketing activities to increase your awareness as a digital musician. 
Through interview videos, press releases, and fan meetings, you can promote your values to people
in the virtual and real world.
<Non-face-to-face concert tour>

Broadcast global concert tours non-face-to-face to the world. 
Concert sponsors can be found and related goods can be produced.
(3) Production of linked projects

We create an active virtual music ecosystem by issuing project NFTs for various activities that 
promote musicians and protect values, such as artist goods production and auctions,
musician crowdfunding and campaigns.