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A system for an integrated management which integrated all solutions necessary for the store operation with POS and which can be applied to existing POS

  1. POS linkage and payment solution

    -A platform that integrates and manages order/payment from various channels such as POS, kiosks, delivery apps, and tablets in the food service industry (Owned: Chameleon)

    -Mobile app that automatically changes store-specific UI by linking with GPS and WiFi signals

  1. Smart order platform with automatic UI generation and AI voice recognition order solution added through big data analysis

     -Product curation through order, payment data & metadata analysis

     -AI kiosk UI creation system that provides customized UI for each store based on sales analysis by business district, industry, and store

  1. Barrier-free digital braille kiosk that improves information accessibility for blind people

    -Supplied barrier-free kiosks as independent models

    -Solution module of digital Braille input/output kit and input/output control solution for customers using existing kiosks

       Type of product will also be provided

The number of trading stores in 2019 was 800, and it is used by various industries such as coffee shops, restaurants, universities, delivery, and convenience stores.
Sales are expected to be $150,000 and $300,000 in 2020.
In '21, when commercialization begins in earnest, we are aiming for 6 million dollars in sales.

The investment was about $330,000 by attracting IBK in January 2019, CNT Tech in August, and Korea Venture Investment Angel Investment Matching Fund No. 1 in August 2020.

Also, in June 2020, we were selected by TiPS and received a $450,000 grant.
TiPS: Programs supported by the Ministry of SMEs and Venture Business to intensively nurture promising start-ups by selecting private-led start-up teams with technology items to lead the global market.