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KLONECT, an open market platform service for overseas markets that supports global distribution of domestic wholesale/retail K-Products operators

'-(Global distribution support) Private wholesalers/retailers support door-to-door delivery service to customers through KLONECT's local distribution center without much difficulty.
-(Inventory cost minimization) Seasonal products can be sold year-round, minimizing risk for inventory products that are difficult to distribute in Korea
-(Overseas market operation support) Operation support for overseas market sales, such as marketing advertisement, overseas product development, identification of consumer needs, reduction of shipping costs through bundle delivery, etc.
-(Providing customized information for local consumers) To minimize intermediate distribution and provide a wide range of prices and products to local consumers. Broadening the breadth of non-face-to-face experiences by providing trend and product information, reviews, and SNS linkage
-(Partners Activities) KLONECT Partners takes photos instead of wholesale products, and distributes profits to partners for part of the sales generated through product registration and SNS promotion marketing activities.2. Please describe how your technology or product will distinguish itself from current and anticipated competitiors.

2019.08.01 Selected as 2019 preliminary start-up package
2019.10.27 Established universalconnect
2020.04.01 Selected as 2020 KOTRA Startup Global Jump 300
2020.05.06 Selected as a 2020 new export enterprise support project
2020.07.20 KLONECT e-commerce web service development completed
2020.07.02 Selected as a branch office exclusively for domestic/export introductory business
2020.08.20 Selected as a domestic investment attraction support project
2020.09.10 Selected as a participating company in Tech in Asia 2020 Korea Pavilion

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