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Solution to Conversation with Loved One, [Knock Book] Convey a message that you haven't ever said to the loved one with our Knock Book It opens the closed hearts and saves precious relationship.

Solution to Conversation with Loved One, [Knock Book]

Convey a message that you haven't ever said to the loved one with our Knock Book

It opens the closed hearts and saves precious relationship.

*What is Knock Book? Knock Book is an activity book that allows you to have sincere conversations with loved ones, and has a meaning of knocking on the door of other person's heart. It contains 12 themes necessary for communication.

*Who needs the Knock Book?

- couples who want to get to know each other better and deeper

- married couple who look for fun and fresh conversation starters

- mother and son who need time to get something off of their chest

- father and daughter who feel awkward for each other and don't know what to say

*Seasonal Series

-Knock Book Winder (in progress)

-Knock Book Spring, Summer, Autumn (release at every end of January, May and August)

*Rewards Information (product options)

-Set1. Dating Knock

two books for adults + a set of colored pencils (gift)

-Set2. Kids Knock

two books for family + a set of colored pencils (gift)

“We offer a set of colored pencil to everyone who buy the Knock Book.”

"Do you have someone whom you can't meet often but always think and care about? Then send a gift of warm conversation. Days with Knock Book will always be special.“

*Made by

-Writer Bae <“A good tongue is a good weapon for eternal love.” She focuses on saying sympathetically, knowing how to understand the minds of others and how another person is feeling.>

: kids speech instructor

: youth speech instructor

: obtained music therapist certificate

: research and develop on speech textbook for improving self esteem

-Writer Son < "Speech is what begins when we make eye contact”. She hope that the students can enjoy the conversation and that conversation will serve as an opportunity to meet the world.>

: infant and child book MD

: story telling instructor

: speech instructor

: obtained a creative book play license 

“Unfortunately, it gets more difficult to meet others and socialize these days. If you've ever had a conflict due to the misunderstanding and prejudice toward each other, try to improve your relationship with the closest person through the Knock Book!”

*Benefits of Knock Book

-You can see a new and another side of the others.

-You may value and accept the difference wisely.

-The way of talking to each other gets warm.

* Introduction to the Table of Contents of the Knock Book

<It contains 12 key elements that are needed for communication. Conversation develops as you know yourself and understand others>







-listening courteously






“The closer you are to each other, the most you should be considerate of each other and say kind words. Meet the new and another side of the other through 12 activities that fill each other's weakness, instead of wasting your time, energy or emotions.”

*How do I utilize this book?

- pro tips of Knock Book

- professional solution

- together not alone

- once a week , reducing the burden and pressure with simple activity

Meet with your loved one, and have a talk while taking simple notes and coloring.”

*a set of two books or more, how are they different?

<There are Knock Book for 'family' that multiple people can use together. Knock Book for Family is for age 7 and up>

- Date Knock (for adult ) A5: 21X14CM

: It is a hard cover book, and you can keep your book in good condition without wear and tear.

: It contains sweet activities that stir up love in your heart.

: It is a small size that fits comfortably in a handbag.

*Knock Book - Introduction

Many people come to a speech academy hoping to 'speak logically.’ Logic is an indispensable skill in speech. A child who deliver a clear presentation in front of friends, a student who clearly explains the core contents of a textbook, and an adult who reasonably argues. They all can be evaluated as 'good at speech'. However, it does not mean that all of them are excellent in being considerate of others or empathetic toward others. Unfortunately, it is hard to say or conclude that a presentation without a connection with the audience, a discussion without active listening, and an explanation that conveys only the contents of the book without emotion are right speech.

When you look at the people who keep a good and quality conversation, you can easily figure out that words are made from relationships. Such people always cherish and value their relationships with their others. If one day you are left alone on an isolated island, words may be no longer in use. However, at present, 'words' and 'relationships' are indispensable for us. 'Relationship' creates 'conversation', and 'conversation' creates 'relationship'. It is like a Mobius strip. No one can exist in a world without communication.

We teach 'real speaking' skills. Also we provide opportunities for people to fully express themselves and take a closer look at their surroundings. Everyone doesn't have to talk like an announcer. Just 'sincerely speaking' and the skill to 'convey it effectively' are important.

Even people who are good at conversation and is confident in speaking feel awkward when they see a video of their own speech. While watching the video, they realize that they use such expression, tone, and attitude when they talk. It's because the weaknesses are easily revealed in the video.

We hope you to see and find your inner expressions that you have not seen through the Knock Book. The Knock Book includes essence and method of speaking that only we, speech experts, know. And readers can follow along easily.

If you only had one day left to live, what would you want to say to your loved one? If you want to have warm conversation or improve relationship with your loved one, try knocking on their heart with our Knock Book.

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