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alien ppio is cute and lovly but a stranger in view of earthian.

the material civilization is developing, but nature is damaged and people are individualized.

So, many people had lost the value of life.

alien ppio is another the self portrait of many people that had lost the value of life.

So alien ppio has made for kids and lonely people. we wants to wake many people the value of life that had lost.

Alien ppio was started for webcartoon and made for LINE,BAND app sticker, and various character products. 

We have a plan to make game(adventure or casual) and animation (family episode)

1) exhibition
2015 - alien ppio - hongkong international licensing show
2016 - alien ppio - glocal fair,seoul character licensing fair

2) licensing meeting
- zdmedia(china)  100,000 dol
- forkids(hongkong) 100,000 dol
- hakuhodo inc.(jaoan) 100,000 dol
- dicon soft(korea-china) 200,000 dol