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Dropkick on My Devil

  • Dropkick on My Devil


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The popular anime "Dropkick on My Devil" is now available as a mobile game!

The popular anime "Dropkick on My Devil" is now available as a mobile game!
Popular characters from "Dropkick on My Devil" gather in the world of RPG, and it is a game that can be played not only by fans of "Jashin-chan" but also by those who are experiencing it for the first time! In addition, gorgeous voice actors appearing in the anime will appear one after another!
The game is easy to play! All you have to do is advance the stage while leaving it alone and strengthening and nurturing your favorite characters. It is a game with high strategy while being easy to operate. There are PVP contents that can be competed among users and abundant training contents that can evenly develop your favorite characters.
The devil of the demon world, commonly known as "Jashin-chan", is suddenly summoned to the human world one day. She was summoned by Yurine Hanazono, a female college student with a slightly black heart who lives in a rag apartment in Jimbocho. Although the devil was summoned, but she doesn't know how to return to the demon world. "Yurine" and the devil have no choice but to start living together, but the devil says, "If the summoner dies, I can return to the demon world." What action does she take there ...!?