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Hair loss management smart watch

  • Hair loss management smart watch


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Hair loss management content using wearable devices

As we enter the smart generation, various wearable devices are being developed. In order to use Bayabaz, a hair loss management content providing app using big data analysis function, more effectively, it can be linked with a smart watch of a wearable device to perform a hair loss management mission more practically. The content in the wearable device is provided in a form similar to the content inside the Bayavaz app, and the more streamlined design of images and texts makes it more useful. The wearable device has a history of creating content promotion results by exhibiting prototypes at the Intelligent Convergence Technology Prototype Factory of the Next Generation Convergence Technology Institute. While other hair loss management apps simply recommend only hair loss products, the linkage between the Bayabaz app and wearable devices enables actual hair loss management to become a habit and has the potential to improve hair loss effectively.