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Company Name 페이퍼마마리

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  • CHARACTER Character
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IP name: Ping Me / Target: All ages

Make everyone beautiful and happy
'Pingmi' wishes you to live. 'Ping Me'
Is always happy and joyful, worried and anxious
There is no. Beautifully through “Ping Me”
To show what it is to live
Do it. People who help each other
And people are always happy when they lean on
“Ping Me”
I know. All the people in the world
The truth of life that I forgot through this “ping me”
Let us know what happiness and joy you have set
It was planned to give and return.
Strategy: Character design for specialized brand products
Concept: Household goods unique to “Ping Me,” the messenger of happiness
Keywords: happiness, joy, loveliness
Target: 10 or older (female)
Design: Minimalism, various graphic sources
Motif: Maltis (Ping Me), Bear (Bear Brothers)

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