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Paywork is a task-oriented payment in escrow service

• Paywork is a task oriented payment & escrow service.  It is a flexible, action tracking kit in outsourcing industries.
• Due to COVID-19 virus, the world as we know it has changed. Generally, the way we work, communicate and make purchases
have undergone a drastic change in the last few months.
Sync contract with a responsive report (both the contract and report give a framework).
Within the framework, the system sends a notification if the contract is fulfilled or not (just like traffic lights;
green means good, yellow means almost ready, red means far from completion).
With the available financial information(i.e. digital e-signature), there’s sync with user's bank account or credit
card, and as such, this allows for the swift transfer of money in and out of the escrow, in accordance with the
report (and the report is based on the contract).
Our plans are split into free and paid plans.  It is 100% free to individuals. 
The Paid plan comes in three tiers; $2/Month for 1 person, $150/Month for 10-50 persons, $300/Month for
50+ individuals.  


We’ve also been selected to participate in Standard Chartered Bank’s Fintech Startup program as well as Global Acceleration program.