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Aroma diffuser air purifier

  • Aroma diffuser air purifier
  • Aroma diffuser air purifier


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    Coming Soon
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    30-50 age group


Introduce the car air purifier, SOOPI

Hello, I'm Pico Pico, Inc.

As industrialization progressed rapidly, we had to fall into fear of air pollution and fine dust.
Also, it is very difficult to go to the forest because of busy daily life.
So Soopi was developed to present clean and fragrant air to us who are having a hard time in our busy daily lives.

What if the air purifier smells like natural aroma?
I think it's a scent that gives us peace.
To this end, SOOPI meets aroma essence oil, activated carbon, and specially developed and produced hanji pulp to present a fragrant and long-lasting scent of nature.
Also, to effectively remove ultrafine dust, a HEPA H13 ultrafine dust collection filter was used.

Feel your own air therapy in your own space.

Thank you.