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SPINI Turntable Create 360 Images with a Smartphone and DSLR

  • SPINI Turntable Create 360 Images with a Smartphone and DSLR


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A solution that generates 360 images that allow you to see the product in three dimensions using automated equipment.

SPINI is a 360 degree product photography solution developed by the Project Han Co. Ltd. for capturing and stitching product pictures into professional rotating 360 product views. From everyday objects to artworks, you can create professional quality 360 degree photos  just in minutes with this 360 degree product photography solution. Place your product on the SPINI turntable and 360° panorama images can be easily made from a smartphone or a DSLR camera with a single press of the shutter button.

Once you press shutter button, SPINI automatically rotates and creates 360 degree image of the object. SPINI turntable will perform a 360-degree spin and SPINI camera app automatically take a photo in 360 degree after the shutter button is pressed.

SPINI can be used with DSLR through cable connection. Since different types of cables are required by DSRL model, please contact and ask us before you purchase it.

After editing out unnecessary parts from the captured image, refine the details of the image.