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Company Name 주식회사 뽀뇨

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We are a companion animal, an urban outdoor lifestyle brand, started with the desire to become a loving friend and a reliable family and share their lives with us.

●Product introduction: walking set
1.7 seconds harness: a new concept harness that consists of a harness and an outer unit.
☑ Side fastening that is easy to put on quickly, shock distribution design with belly and chest
☑ Solve the problem of not being able to wear the existing clothes harness due to its small size
☑ Joint twist NO, foot touch NO, lift NO
2. With Out Touch Bag: A new concept bag that opens the bottom and throws away without touching it.
☑ Hands-free, storing walking tools, sterilized material Tyvek lining

2020.10 Participated in the World Women's Invention Expo
2020.9 Start-up support linked investment, car seat prototype completed
2020.09 Environmental content production support companion animal car seat selection
2020.08 Converted pponyo corporation
Selected for content-combined product production support
Completed the prototype of Haneter & Without Touch Bag
2020.07 Gyeonggi Workshop Maker Project Selected as a functional car seat for companion animals
2020.06 Selected as Life Invention Korea
2019.11 Founded pponyo
2019.10 Selected as a preliminary start-up package for the middle-aged

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