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Company Name 프리티비지

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    Coming Soon
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    about 21days to play
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A role-playing game that interacts with attractive male characters by sending and receiving text messages and phone calls in real time every day.

-To convey a story by maining text consisting of a short story in the form of chats and letters for the younger generation who are not familiar with long written text or long breathing content.

-It increases the level of dramatic immersion by continuing conversations with characters who speak in a lively way as if they were talking with AI.

-inherits the advantages of the existing text messenger-type visual Nobel while also promoting development in UI, design, and functionality (add to the use of more emoticons and profile effect functions, etc.)

-For the first time in a women's-oriented game, a full-fledged 'video call' system Combining live 2D technology for technological advancement.

-It further enhances the character characteristics and story progression of the conservative form of visual Nobel, encouraging female users to express themselves more candidly and freely.

-It actively reflects the need for 'sexy content' by female users who have become visible in the accumulated web novel and webtoon market.

-Started development since its establishment in September 2019

-In crowdfunding conducted in January 2020, the company achieved the largest amount of money raised in Korean women oriented game (about 30 million won) and achieved more than 600% of its goal.

-Pre-booking for September 2020 (Apple/Google)

-Expected to be released in October 2020

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