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    child(4yr-12yr) / pa


English and Korean learning that mothers (parents) teach their children naturally in everyday conversations

Two authors, who are also mothers of one child or three children, planned their children's English & Korean learning contents using natural materials of everyday life. So I dealt with the common daily life of the child from pregnancy to before and after elementary school entrance. It is a book that the mother and the child see together, So I tried to do the book cover from an adult perspective. and it is a book that the child wants to see all the way to elementary school.


The story begins with the heartbreaking work of pregnancy. We also expect mother's interest in prenatal care. We hope it will be used as a prenatal English, a maternity prenatal recommendation book.


As we are publishing in accordance with the plan, it is also advantageous because it meets the concept of 'Mom's English' 'Mom's Korean'. We have dealt with everyday life according to the growth clock of the child growing up every day or yearly. We put the paintings drawn by the professional artist in the background color picture.


During the production period of more than a year, such as book background drawings, as stated in the prologue, Koreans who know Korean and English at the same time, international students and native speakers have corrected the manuscript several times. We have established a partnership with the music producer, and you can listen to(streaming) and download the music file(MP3) recorded by the native voice actor, from the publishing company website.


If this version is 1, we plan a series with a zero version of the lower age group, a 2 version for elementary school students.

If the buyer requests, we can add and edit the text translated into the language of the country.

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