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Creative thinking skills are important for the future and anyone has the right to learn them. We provide tools for self directed creative learning and evaluation through the use of physical products and accompanying apps.

Our solutions aim to encourage and practice creative thinking and growth for students of all ages, languages, and cultures. We combine the use of intuitive tactile products and accompanying apps. The physical products encourage self directed learning by allowing users to directly interact with their ideas. The accompanying apps allow for further learning and sharing what the user has made or learned.


05 – Establish Sam Corporation

06 – K-Global Re-Startup Project Selection (Information Communication Industry Promotion Agency)

07 – Trademark Registration [We Education Center]

11 – Patent registration [Multimedia Content Development Devices and Methods Based on Story]

12 – Enter Pangyo Corporate Support Hub Start-up Zone


03 – Open SAM Enterprise Site

05 – We Creator Prototype Product Development Completed

07 – Global Accelerating Program Selection (Startup Promotion Agency)

10 – Participate in the Creative Valley API Program in France (Station F)

12 – AI.Open beta testing on wecreator.com site (AWS)


04 – Selection of Pangyo Startup Zone Marketing Support Program (Startup Promotion Agency)

05 – Global Enterprise Marketing Selection (Startup Promotion Agency)

06 – AMAZON.COM Online Sales (We Creator)

07 – MDC Support Project (Gyeonggi Content Agency)

07 – Moving into ICT-Cultural Convergence Center

08 – Story Creator Development Completed (Participate in COEX Education Fair)

10 – Selection of start-up overseas entry voucher business (trade association)

12 – Training for gifted students at Purdue University and Burnett Creek Elementary School in the U.S.


01 – Press Coverage

(News Time, The Asia Business Daily TV, ZDnet)

02 – A.I. Friends Sign MOUon Artificial Intelligence Business

03 – Naver Smart Store Import Point

03 – Signing MOUs for Smart Ageing Business

03 – YouTube Channel English Renewal & Creator Training Series

05 - USA CrowdFundding (Kicstarter) Perpairing