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  • Demon's Spire
  • Demon's Spire
  • Demon's Spire


  • GAME Game
  • Platform
  • Genre
  • Stage
  • Production Year
  • Run-time
    6hour ~ 8hour
  • Target


2D Soullike Action Game "Demon's Spire"

▶ Game : Demons Spire is a soul-like action game based on beautiful pixel art.

▶ Youtube URL : https://youtu.be/J4EFzw_OTtc


  • There is a Spire called the gray nightmare that rises once every 20 years, devours everything around it and ruins the whole area. No one knows why the tower rises. What's certain is that there are powerful demons in it that cannot be reached. The main character Sirius lost both his hometown and family 20 years ago by the tower of grey dreams. Now that Sirius has grown into a leading devil hunter and has risen again, he is leaving alone for the tower of gray nightmares to avenge the plague that took his family 20 years ago.

  • The core of the Combat. Parrying system
    Timing catch-oriented (parrying) fast and tense combat action is the key to this game.

    Swing a giant bayonet and bounce off all of the devil's fast and powerful attacks precisely.

    If you bounce them all off, you can knock the devil down with a powerful counterattack.

  • Fast-faced 
    - Level design with uncomplicated linear structure allows you to focus on the boss game and move quickly toward the final boss.

    - The tower has a total of nine floors, and you have to deal with the demons who are blocking the way of the player and defeat the demons who are blocking the door to the next floor.

  • Extreme difficulty 
          Monsters have a difficult level of difficulty as they claim to be Soullike(Sekirolike) and stimulate the                      challenge of hardcore users.

  •   The Great Devils like to combine various objects to create a hideous devil. "Gillotin clock" demon made by combining the guillotine and clock and the devil's body.

  •  A "scary gardener" demon born by combining lamps and steel into the human body.

  • We plan to produce a total of 12 kinds of sewage, monsters, and 9 kinds of powerful boss monsters.
    - Boss.
    1. gardener; a gardener; 2.a gardener
    2. Gilotin Clark
    3. Half Lady
    4. Treasure Hunter
    5. Warrior of the North
    6. Mixed Articles
    7. Decadent divinity
    8. Masterhunter deprived of soul
    9. The Great Devil of the Tower

    - Monster
    1.a skeleton soldier who has lost his lower body.
    2. Skeleton Soldier
    3. Shield Skull Soldier
    4. Jeong Ye-gol Soldier
    5. The Twin Sudanese Sword Skeleton
    6. Visible skull
    7. Skeleton Knights
    8. Giant Gopchu skull
    9. Ghost skull
    10. Rush skull
    11. Banshee
    12. The Head of the Skeleton


  SML Entertainment  We are an indie game development team consisting of 5 people.

    ▶Lee Dong-ho <Planner>
    ▶Song Jong-hyun <Programmer>
    ▶Oh Se-min [Animator]
    ▶Lee Chang-Hyung, UI Designer
    ▶Moon Se-young <Character,Monster Designer,Animator>

    # Release Plan
    ▶ 2021 June/June: Steam platform early access scheduled to be released

    ▶ 2021 August: Steam, Nintendo Switch, Play Station, XBOX
        Multi-platforms to be officially released