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Math content that brightens through cooking and missions (animation, books, kits)

Math video that brightens while playing with cooking and missions

1) Mathematics animation video brightened by cooking and missions

2) Math books played with cooking and missions.

Through animation and book contents, we want to inform the whole person education contents that can cultivate the right personality by naturally understanding why we need to learn mathematics through cooking and missions, and learning the mathematical concepts necessary to live wisely in the world.
Example) Contents where animated characters come out and brighten through providential attributes in the process of solving missions, and character education and math education are simultaneously
Learning the unit, learning the importance of standard principles such as promises that everyone must keep, dividing the four basic arithmetic operations, naturally understanding why balanced equity and equal opportunity are good through common factors, acknowledging through inequality, and having a considerate mind and the ratio contained in the cooking recipe Systemic logic is raised through the rationality and principle of proportion

A math kit that develops three-dimensional integrated thinking by looking and touching
Educational kit for learning math by seeing with eyes, touching with hands, playing

Educational kit to develop three-dimensional integrated thinking ability and systematic logical thinking ability by trying various things

A kit that allows you to learn while playing more than 100 mathematical concepts and arithmetic operations through a set of small cubes with rotating magnets.