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  • CARTOON Cartoon/Webtoon
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A con artist is falsely accused of setting off a bomb and as he tries to clear his name he encounters monstrous evil.

The dynamic of Bong-jun’s lifestyle and nature puts him under constant financial constraints. A habitual blackmailer, he has developed a system to scam various organizations as a means to support his stagnant life. Gaining confidence from his rather high success rate, he decides to target an affluent postnatal care center in the heart of the Gangnam district. He threatens the owner that unless $70,000 is transferred to his account within 10 minutes he will blow up the building. His plan goes awry as the building explodes killings the majority of the people inside. A confused Bong-jun re- trieves the money and returns to his base only to find a Mr. Kim holding his girlfriend hostage. The police and media have already pointed the finger at Bong-jun as the culprit.

The irony of the blackmailer being blackmailed isn’t lost on Bong-jun. He becomes more and more entangled as he tries to clear his name and dis- covers the real reason why the building was bombed.