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The Secret Story of a Mermaid

  • The Secret Story of a Mermaid
  • The Secret Story of a Mermaid
  • The Secret Story of a Mermaid


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The love and hate of Sura, the blood of the beautiful mermaid, and Liwu, the god of fire

Since the Qing Dynasty, the HwaYen family, now the HwaYen Group, has had great influence in China, The HwaYen are said to be descendants of the fire god, Zhurong. But when present CEO Myung HwaYen announces his will appoint a descendant of mermaids as his successor, Liwu becomes furious. Liwu was next in line to take over the group.

Liwu devises a plan to find all the descendants of the mermaids. Finding the mermaids isn’t as difficult as Liwu anticipated and he kills them off one by one until one remains. The last mermaid is Sura who live in korea.

Fire and water meet and inevitably they clash. Sparks fly and despite his ambitions Liwu can’t resist the charm of Sura.

Will love conquer ambition?