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  • CARTOON Cartoon/Webtoon
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A family moves into a house in which strange things are happen- ing, and a looming danger from underneath threatens to destroy them and everything they know.

Shin-hye’s family has bought a rural house in the heart of the countryside that had been vacant for a few years after an elderly couple who lived there suddenly went missing. Quickly both get comfortable enjoying their new house on a lake. Now their family will be able to spend more time away from the city where they can recover from their overworked hearts, bodies and minds. But one day, her husband starts to see and hear and complain that he is seeing some strange things, but Shin-hye turns a blind eye out of annoyance at her weak husband. Still, as she ignores his pleas, her husband continues to see ghosts and feel evil spirits moving throughout the house. Shin-hye, regardless of her husband’s complaints, has no in- tention of leaving the house and no matter what he says, she chooses not to believe him. A few days later, A Sinkhole... A huge hole that causes the ground to open up and implode into itself, swallows up the house, and as a result, Shin-hye loses her husband and son, all except for her daughter Kang-ji.

It takes her years to recover, even acquiring a mental illness after the incident. Concerned about this, her sisters brought her to live in a different place, all helping Shin-hye stay healthy, and also to raise her daughter Kang-ji. However, by the time Shin-hye returned to her peaceful days, strange things begin to happen again, and suddenly the evil spirit that her husband had seen began to stalk her as well.