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  • CARTOON Cartoon/Webtoon
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A patient with the ability to absorb a drug and not feel it’s side effects leads to a conglomerate discovering a method of making drugs without the fear of addictions; now this patient zero is on the run from them and the police.

In the near future of Seoul, Taesong Industries has become a drug organi- zation that controls Seoul as a whole. Hyun-joo is a contractor who deals with any problems the company might have, trusted by the chairman of the board. She works specifically in handling data related to the chairman’s secret safe, but one day while the chairman of Taesong is chased by his distraught daughter Su-jeong, he is killed and she framed for his murder.

Jung-woo, who has a unique constitution that is immune to poison and drugs does not become addicted to them. Although he is currently suffer- ing from an increasingly damaged optic nerve and needs surgery and med- ication, and is losing his eyesight due to his physical condition, he finds out that his body reacts to morphine-like a drug during an experiment, and so are able to develop a high-purity drug that has no side effects by accident. Now he becomes a target because of this of both the Taeseong and the police who obtained information that new drugs were circulating.

As usual, Jung-woo, goes to trade drugs in the back alley of a dull enter- tainment district in the early morning, and finds Hyun-joo covered in blood in a garbage bag. As he tries to report to 119 in a hurry, he doesn’t want to get caught up in a troublesome situation after seeing a gunshot wound in Hyun-joo’s shoulder. Hyun-joo, who was unconscious and bleeding out, reaches out to Jung-woo, and Jung-woo, whose eyes meets Hyun-joo, is struck with a sense of responsibility for her.