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One Baby Two Fathers

  • One Baby Two Fathers
  • One Baby Two Fathers


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An unlikely family is born when two men with different back- grounds raise a son together.

Seong-sil is a hopeless romantic. He truly believes in love at first sight which is the root cause of his lifelong single status. Seong-sil’s friends take him to a club on his birthday where he spots Soon-young and sums up the courage to approach her.
Eight months later the newlyweds welcome the birth of a healthy baby boy. Seong-sil’s life has changed in warp speed but he is happy until one day he comes home to find two detectives searching through his house. Seong-sil’s world comes crashing down as he discovers that Soon-young is not only a wanted leader of a mob but their son is not biologically his. After his wife’s arrest, a stranger takes him to Seung-heon who is the ba- by’s biological father and a top star. Seung-heon offers to double Seong- sil’s salary of his old job if he would become the baby’s nanny. Seong-sil sincerely does not want his parents to know the truth about the baby. And Seung-heon knows what it’s like to grow up without parents. Together, they form an unlikely family; two fathers raising a baby and forging emo- tional bonds.