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  • CHARACTER Character
  • Platform
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  • Stage
  • Production Year
  • Run-time
  • Target
    ages 6 to 13


"Ghost Class" has a school in this world, but there is a Ghost Class in the underworld.

- Genre: Comic Adventure
- Target: Children aged 6 to 13
- Characteristic: K-ghost child → You know that Korean is global these days, right?
- Goal: Globalization of Korean Ghosts
  Zombies, monsters, monsters, monsters, everything. Were there any ghosts in Korea?)

Death is not the end.
It starts with the imagination that they will form a society and live as a society, although it is not visible to us as the word "the underworld outside the door."
"Ghost Class" has a school in this world, but there is a Ghost Class in the underworld.
Children who cannot go to school must join the foundation team unconditionally and learn the virtues that ghosts should have.
It consists of various classes from basic to advanced.
You have to learn to live even when you die. Walking like a ghost, teleporting, flying high, throwing stones, etc.
Simple, comic, and eccentricity make us feel warm humanity without realizing it.
Ghosts aren't all the same! Each born? have one's own personality in one's own words
In "Ghost Class," each of them awakens their individuality, and when they reach the high school, they look more mysterious and spiritual. When evil spirits appear in this world, high-class ghost children stand up to defeat evil spirits.
The adventures of the Ghost Class and the exhilarating matchmaking that stimulates children's imagination.

I'm currently developing a character.

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