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We are pursuing music that anyone can relate to. It can be harder than you think it is for men and women of all ages to sympathize.

Music theatre <Poets' Country>

Our daily treadmell remains unchanged and it won't change in the future. If poetry and music make a small crack in our firmly fixed daily life, our forgotten, heart-warming memories will get in through the crack to comfort us living today, saying, "You are doing great." Although our daily life doesn't look different from what it was yesterday, we hope that we walk on a "new path" with a new heart.

Through the bizarre fantasies experienced in dreams,
the inspiration and revenge of love for lovers, the
loneliness and anguish of human society are resolved.
This piece of music complimented the text of the
French composer Berlioz's title song, “A Fantastic
Symphony (Subtitle: The Life of an Artist)” as a
contemporary dance play.