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Cloud Letter Agency for Fandom

  • Cloud Letter Agency for Fandom


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You can write and send letters quickly and accurately on your favorite Celeb anniversary.

In the digital age, the culture of fandom that leaves messages through mail, Twitter, etc. is volatile value level.

It is an online agency platform service that allows you to keep your own story and precious contents expressing your mind with your hand and pictures with your hands and keep them close and long.

v Statistical platform service that represents mutual communication between fandom and selob

v Fandom raises the inconvenience in expressing his mind

v Celeb raises privacy information and storage problems

V Core values are the value of statistical figures between fandom and seleb, management of heartfelt fandom

V Increase the Satisfaction Value of Fandom through Creator (Gold Loss)

We support cloud postal platform service between fandom and seleb to strengthen K content globally,

The creation of Korean language learning services for fandoms through the accumulation and development of big data on handwriting images by language of each country

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